Church in Dąbcze

Built in 1668 on the site of the wooden church of the fourteenth century, to 1409, the parish seat for the surrounding area. Skeletal structure, filled with clay and brick. Harmonious body composed of the church creates a sanctuary, taller and wider nave and two-storey tower from the west. Roofs covered with shingles. Vane on the turret with the date 1660.

Inside the late Renaissance altar from 1591 In the middle of the altar with the image of Christ the same time, in the final photo of the Cross modeled on the figure by Rubens. Interior of the seventeenth and eighteenth-century rococo pulpit of the church does not exist in a log near Rydzyny. Bodies of k seventeenth century, the organ of 1704, late Baroque painting of St. Jukundus, martyr whose relics were brought in 1777 to Rydzyny.

Church in Dąbczu was extensively restored in the years 1970 – 71

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