“Rydzyna Reservoir” in Dąbcze

It covers the area of 40 hectares and may even accommodate one million of cubic meters of water. This storage reservoir is aimed at protecting the town from flooding. For many years Rydzyna had been flooded by water from spring thawing and summer rains. The construction works commenced on 12 December 2011, and were completed on 20 May 2013. The total cost was 30.2 million zlotys, from which 20 million zlotys was a subsidy from the Rural Development Programme and the rest from the national budget. The reservoir covers the area of 40 ha. Its capacity is about 800 000 cubic meters (plus 200 000 cubic meters of flood reserve ), the average depth is 1.86 m, and the length is 1650 m.


The reservoir is a place of recreation and it is surrounded by a cycle lane which is regularly used by pedestrians and cyclists  from the region, Leszno – the neighbouring town, and the nearest locations. It is a place friendly for fishermen, anglers, scouts, nature and active life lovers.