Historical Monument

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland listed Rydzyna and all residential-urban complex in Historical Monuments record.

With its urban surrounding, Rydzyna is still a precious and clear example of spatial combination of several axial elements shaped in the 17th and 18th century. It has exceptional historical, urban-architectural and scientific values. It is situated in the north-east part of Rydzyna and comprises of the castle, an extensive park, monumental annexes and outbuildings, as well as the garden with a shooting range.

The resolutions of 15th March 2017 by the President Andrzej Duda on new Historical Monuments were announced in the Presidential Palace.

Historical Monument, awarded since 1994 in this form, is a way of conservation of places which are unique in terms of Polish history and culture. The president makes a final decision about awarding a place with the Historical Monument title. To date, 60 places have been listed as exceptional, including Cracow – the historic city, Biskupin – the archeological site, Częstochowa – the monastery in Jasna Góra, Grunwald – the battlefield, Wieliczka – the historical saltmine and Frombork- the cathedral complex.


Historical Monuments have been awarded since 1994 and to date, 105 monuments have received this highest distinction. Each year the list of the mot valuable objects is extended and includes both material and non-material objects valuable and unique in terms of Polish heritage. This elite list may include architectural, cultural landscapes, urban or rural planning, technical monuments, fortress-like buildings, parks and gardens, cemeteries and places commemorating the most significant events or historical figures, as well as archeological sites. Read more NATIONAL HERITAGE BOARD OF POLAND



The celebration of listing by the President of Poland new objects as Historical Monuments.

Presidential Palace, 15th March 2017