One of the main advantages of Rydzyna is its location in the western part of Poland, close to the border with Germany, between two economic centers – Poznań and Wrocław, along the S5 dual carriageway and in close proximity to Leszno. The railway line between Poznań-Wrocław has one of  its railway stations in Kłoda. The connection with the hubs in these cities make the conditions to invest and operate in Rydzyna even more beneficial and favourable.

Rydzyna is a municipality with agricultural character, however the industry is developing more and more dynamically. Throughout the municipality area there are over one thousand business entities, among others these modern companies: Winkhaus Polska, ViaCon Polska, Jamalex, lebronze alloys Poland, Jamabox, Pompax, Cynkowanie Ogniowe, Ślusarstwo Usługowe and SDF, which have invested and built their headquarters in the developing industrial zone. Bearing in mind further investments the area of the industrial zone has been extended and new location have been designated. Investors are offered areas for production, commercial and service purposes. The development plan of Rydzyna includes further development of road, technical, educational, tourist and social  infrastructure, as well as supporting entrepreneurship.

Agromix Rojęczyn is a company that plays a crucial role in providing services to agriculture and  Agro-Rydzyna deals with meat processing, but Hipsz Sp. z o.o. is important for processing fruit and vegetables.

Rydzyński Zamek is a recognized hotel and a conference center frequently visited by tourists from Poland and abroad. Various landscape and architectural features along with numerous monuments foster tourism development and Rydzyna Reservoir has a significant role for tourism development.


Rydzyna municipality is located in close proximity to Leszna. Both the S5 dual carriageway and Poznań – Wrocław railway line with a station in Kłoda run through the area. For several years near the 309 province road the industrial zone has been operating, where the following modern companies have invested or built their headquarters or plants: Winkhaus Polska, ViaCon Polska, Jamalex, lebronze alloys Poland, Jamabox, Pompax, Cynkowanie Ogniowe, Ślusarstwo Usługowe and SDF.

The municipality aims at creating favourable investment conditions for entrepreneurs, among others through a system of tax reliefs and favorability at each stage of business activity. Find out more what we have to offer.

We are located in Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone „INVEST- PARK”.



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