Castle Rydzyna

Rydzyn Castle was built in the seventeenth century, on the walls of a Gothic castle from the early years of the fifteenth century , built for John of Czernina Rydzyński .
Baroque castle is the work of the Italians who settled in Poland , Joseph Simon Bellotti and Pompeo Ferrari . Its first owners were Leszczyńscy . Along with the park and adjacent areas was the most magnificent baronial mansion in the. In the years 1705-1709 Polish residence of King Stanislaw Leszczynski . During the Great Northern War in 1709 , the castle was partially burned by the Tsarist army . Fortunately , there were a total devastation of the great stucco and frescoes adorning the ceremonial halls , which are the works of the greatest Italian artists working at that time in Poland. They brought deserved fame Rydzyński residence . King Stanislaw Leszczynski after losing the crown went into exile . After years became known in Europe as the Duke of Lorraine , and a wise and benevolent ruler . His daughter Mary was the queen of France , wife of Louis XV.

King Stanislaw Leszczynski sold the castle to Alexander Joseph Sulkowski . The new owner brought it to its former glory . Architect and construction executor was Charles Martin Frantz . Castle received the new roofs, rococo decoration of the facade , the team proved the main entrance. Work on the beautification of the Castle and its surroundings continued by his son Alexander Joseph, Prince August . Classical facades received the castle outbuildings , in the same style decorated ballroom . Orangery buildings were erected and stylish pavilions in the park. Prince Sulkowski residence in Rydzyn in the eighties the eighteenth century the entire Greater radiated as a cultural center (known Sulkowski court theater ) and education center ( school of priests piarist ) . One of the buildings of the school is today and it is a public school .

Animated construction traffic in Rydzyński house completely stopped after the second partition of Polish . Uncommon surname glory handy Sulkowski Rydzyny brave , extraordinarily talented Joseph Sulkowski , Napoleon’s aide , killed heroically in Cairo. The name of his cousin Anthony Paul IV ordinate the Rydzyn can be found on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The last of the Rydzyn Sułkowski died childless in 1909, right along with the Castle Rydzyński were taken over by the Prussian authorities . The Treaty of Versailles , they returned to the borders of the Polish state. Based on the statute ordinance Sulkowski , in 1924 , was the foundation of the family name , having declared aim is to conduct educational activities. In 1928 the castle was opened previously adapted for men, boarding Gymnasium . Sulkowski . An interesting program of teaching and education of students was the work of the school director , prof. Tadeusz Lopuszanski .

During the Nazi occupation, the foundation was closed , and the castle is decorated boarding school Hitlerjugend . At the end of January 1945 , the castle was burned Rydzyn . Despite the nationalization of property foundation, legally there was not yet in the years 1945-1951 . Burnt Palace waiting for the new member until 1970 after the takeover by the Association of Mechanical Engineers Polish (SIMP ) was rebuilt , and its most beautiful interior reconstructed from surviving photographic documentation of the interwar period. The work was completed in 1989, the castle SIMP in Rydzyn in 1994 he received the prestigious international organization Europa Nostra restaurant in recognition of the excellence of the prestigious Castle Baroque .

Former Interior Castle Rydzyn was scattered before the First World War. The newly reconstructed interiors in reference to historical records . The castle consists of collections currently include the Sets of furniture , old engravings, memorabilia Sulkowski , natural collection (including collection of tropical butterflies , hunting trophies ) . The Library collects publications related to the former owners of the Castle Gymnasium . Sulkowski from the interwar period and the Association of Mechanical Engineers (SIMP ) . Castle is available to visit by appointment .


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