Windmill Cycle Route



długość 17.2km

długosć: 42




A cycle route for experience and keen cyclists which will take you through scenic lakes, fields, woodland and windmills that add colour to this area. From the starting point we travel to Poniec, a town with rich historic background. We start sightseeing at the gothic Holy Mary’s church from the first half of the 15th century. Moreover, the eclectic town hall dating back to 1843 is worth visiting; there at the entrance we may admire stone weights dating back to 1777 – a reminder of a former customs house. The half-timbered houses dating back to the middle of the 18th and 19th centuries are also amazing.

From the square we head for Śmiłowo and after 5.5 km we reach Lubonia where we can visit the court with a gable roof from the end of the 18th century. In October 1831 Adam Mickiewicz was staying at Józef Morawski, the village owner, which is commemorated by a table fitted in the front wall of the court. In the parK there is a bench, called Adam Mickiewicz’s bench, made of erratic blocks (the largest of which has 653 cm circumference). After returning to the route we leave Lubonia and cycle towards Kociugi, from where straight along a country road we reach Garzyna and road no. 12. Having crossed this road, we take the country road, parallel to the tarmac one, to Górzno. On the right we pass the palace buildings and a sawmill. Carefully, we cycle a little downhill going past the beach of Górznickie Lake on the left. The off-road route takes us to Świerczyna, through fields where on the left, we can admire the remains of the 18th century windmill, the property of Tadeusz Prałat, the last living miller in the region. Behind the windmill we turn left passing the wattle fencing of the village on the right.

In Świerczyna there is a small church that dates back to the beginning of the 10th century. According the sources, the church was erected in the place where St. Adalbert stopped on en route to Prussia. Further on we follow the road signs and cycle through the forest to Wojnowice. Behind Wojnowice we turn left and head for Osieczna passing Lake Witosławskie and Lake Drzeczkowskie on the right.

In Osieczna we may take a break and visit the castle, a late-Gothic parish church, a baroque monastery church and windmills dating back to the 18th century. After a short stop we go towards Leszno, at first at the crossroad near the petrol station, we turn left and after 270 m right. The route travels through Karczma Borowa Woodlands where the railway line Leszno –  Ostrów Wlkp runs. After we cross the trackway, we cycle through the forest until we approach the tarmac road Leszno – Nowa Wieś where we turn left and go in the direction of Nowa Wieś. At the crossroad we turn right, near the old forge then we follow the road until Dąbcze, where on the right side there are the remains of the old windmill. Further on, on the right the St. Catherine’s parish church of 1666 with shingles on the roof. We pass Dąbcze and approach Rydzyna – on the right we see a wonderful windmill –  koźlak – one of the most beautiful constructions of this kind in Poland. The windmill houses the Museum of Agriculture and Milling. After a short rest we may return or admire the old town and castle in Rydzyna.

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