Rydzyńska S Cycle Route



długość 17.2km

długosć: 24




We commence our adventure in Robczysko, where we take the road towards Przybinia, Tworzanice and Dąbcze. In Dąbcze we turn left near the church dating back to 1666 (8km) and we take the tarmac road to Rydzyna. On the right we pass the Józef windmill, which is a perfect spot for a rest en route. We may admire one of the last operating windmills of this kind. We return on track and at the crossroad we turn left and head for the center of Rydzyna. On the right we notice the Primary School building and further on the post-evangelical church on the left.

In Rydzyna it is worth straying off the route and visiting one of the most magnificent magnate residences in Wielkopolska Province which was erected by Rafał Leszczyński around 1685-1695. It used to be the residence of Stanisław Leszczyński- King of Poland. The castle park surrounded by moats and with one of the largest, in Greater Poland, blooming ivy communities which is subject to strict preservation. We head out to Kłoda Mała where behind the petrol station we turn right. Then behind the cemetery the cycle route takes leads to Moraczewo.

In Moraczewo near the Holy Mary Statue, we turn right to Lasotki where then we turn right and follow the route through picturesque fields to Kaczkowo. At the crossroad with the S5 dual carriageway we turn left and cycle to Rojęczyn. At the end of the village we turn right and head for Jabłonna, where we can admire a reconstructed and ordered post-evangelical cemetery, farm buildings and a Von Stosz family mansion from the beginning of the 19th cemetery. In the park one cannot miss the interesting yew-trees which are subject to preservation . From Jabłonna we set off to Czernina, where following Zamkowa Street we arrive at the ruins of a late-renaissance fortress surrounded by the remains of moats and ramparts.

The gothic church dating back to the end of the 15th century with a tall square 17th-century tower with abutment is a place worth a visit. In the square we may admire a classicist town hall from around 1800 erected in the place of a previous building from the turn of the 16th/17th century. Near there is an oak tree – a natural

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