Cycle lane through forests, meadows and fields



długość 17.2km

długosć: 13.5




Commencing at the Three Oak Clearing in Karczma Borowa Woodland,  this route is amazing and picturesque, but at the same time easy. From the clearing we turn right along the hardened forest road until the crossroad with the Leszno-Nowa Wieś road, where we need to be extremely careful since the traffic in this part of the way is very heavy. Having crossed the street, we turn left and a little bit further ahead behind Nowy Świat, we turn right. With buildings on the right, we reach Dąbcza through a beautiful forest track dating back to the early 13th century. Having reached the tarmac road we turn left and head for Dąbcze. On the left we may see the remains of an old windmill, but on the right we go past the St. Catherine’s Church from 1666 with the shingle-covered roof. We approach Rydzyna and on the right we notice a magnificent, reconstructed windmill – koźlak, the most beautiful object of this type in Poland. Currently, the windmill hosts the Agriculture and Millery Museum.

After a moment of rest we turn left and go towards the square. Rydzyna is often referred to as the town of monuments – ‘The Baroque Pear’ – with the biggest number of historic inhabited buildings in Poland. The urban town plan is also historic.  The baroque Rydzyna Castle was erected on special foundations and presently it is one of the most magnificent magnate residences in Greater Poland. It was constructed between approx. 1685-1695 for Rafał Leszczyński  and it was also the residence of Stanisław Leszczynski – King of Poland. On the right we pass the castle park, surrounded by moats, with one of the largest blooming ivy communities which is subject to strict preservation. We set out to Tworzaki through scenic fields and meadows. Cycling through this part is real pleasure. From Tworzanki we go towards Robczysko where in the village park, our last stop, we can admire Adam Mickiewicz’s bust.

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