Castle Cycle Route



długość 17.2km

długosć: 15.6




We commence our trip at Rydzyna Castle which is one of the most magnate residences in Greater Poland, which was built for Rafał Leszczyński between between approximately 1685 – 1695. The Castle was a residence of Stanisław Leszczyński – King of Poland.

The cycle route begins at the magnificent castle park, surrounded by moats, with one of the biggest blooming ivy communities which is subject to strict preservation. We head for Kłoda Mała. From the petrol station we turn left towards Moraczewo, where behind the cemetery we take the cycle route leading to the village. In Moraczewo near the figure of Holy Mary, we turn right towards Lasotki. Further on, in the village we turn right and through fields we head for Kaczkowo.

At the crossroad with the S5 dual carriageway, we turn right and cycle almost to the end of Kaczkowo, where at the petrol station we turn left. Having crossed the level crossing, we travel among picturesques fields until Tarnowa Łęka, where at the crossroad we turn left and continue to Czernina.

On the way we go past the former border of Poland which existed until the outbreak of the Second World War WW II. Nowadays, there is a part of reinforced concrete (on the right of the road). Continuing our trip we reach Czernina, where in Zamkowa Street we see ruins and ramparts. A  very interesting and worth noticing object is a gothic church from the end of the 15th century with a high 17th-century square tower supported by abutments..

In the Square we may see a classic town hall from around 1800 which was erected in the place of a former building from the 16th/17th century. Near there is an oak tree – a natural feature of historic importance – with 385 cm of diameter. Under the tree we may have a rest, relax and then return to Rydzyna.

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