White Lady

The Castle is Rydzyn chapel in front of her room, with a painting of a woman of higher status . Who is this woman who painted her portrait , where it came from in the castle? Nobody ever knew , no one will know .

This image has nothing striking in the addition of raw and hand looks a bit unnatural somehow located . Fingers seem like przesilone , skościałe after a violent act , can the criminal . Nothing is easier , although as a conjecture similar, and perhaps where there is no truth . Here, after all, rather that it can make out , the old and deaf since the news circulated here before , supposedly before niepamiętnymi times in this place any crime had to be fulfilled . It was even and two orphans , but with the uncertainty and ignorance of things that one almost did not give credence to . Very rarely, people talked about it , they would be forever silenced even if the spectrum is sometimes showing a woman in the castle .

This spectrum is not at odds so mercilessly tranquility , as is happening elsewhere . Meet them only sometimes kneeling in the hallway and immersed in prayers , guests, even nocującym in przykaplicznym peace and quiet only at midnight like the tread . However, women and small children of sleep never stops , as if their innate timidity relative. It is after all, every year one night a terrible , horrible , no one in the castle can not sleep , even those that do not see, nor hear , do not know anything , grabs some fever restlessness . It seems to have a presentiment that something extraordinary in nature. Throughout the night , but the sky around the bright and cheerful , always weigh the Castle, a cloud of black and pobliższe tree of the garden , but no steadfast wind, strange rustling . From the eleventh hour you hear a noise and clatter in the chapel , some clearly moving and setting equipment . Service lies the castle , only bolder closer to join , listen , look it , after all, their faces pale , rise up hair, all the air seems to have absorbed some horror.

Strikes midnight . Roztwierają themselves through the door of the chapel , lit the candles on the altar , but jakimeś strange , pale , blue light spectrum and a woman in a long white robe , with loose hair, wywiędłym sorrowful face kneeling before the altar . Suddenly cold hits around the grave , shows the priest in chasuble with a Mass -reaching. Terrible sight! … This priest is a skeleton … head of the corpse , his hands cup bearing bones only , preceded him two small skeletons in komżach . One of them carries a vial , one missal huge. It begins with Holy Mass , the priest made ​​and throws up his hands , turning , kneeling , reading a missal , praying fervently , two small skeletons seem to answer his prayers , yet no voice , no sigh not hear is not given . At the moment only for raising the body and blood of the Lord kościanego ringing thud deep breaks the silence . Ends rite , the priest sits on a chair – Ghost proceeds to confession. Oh, how fervently praying wprzódy , what a burden his chest bursting ! Confession , the priest listens and long, long time listening. How many tears and sighs interrupt this confession ! Good God ! Then how terrible must be the religion of the spectrum to the crime . See ! See , after a skull priest cold sweat poured off stream in the hollow eyes flashing indignation ray , the image of a woman hanging blackens , a dull roar can be heard over the castle ! Small two skeletons , kneeling and praying , they seem to plead guilty . She confessed everything and bows his head , and beat their breasts as a sign of grief and remorse. It beats strongly – crying and waiting . Waiting a few moments , and finally, the priest raises the pleading eyes and says: – Forgiveness ! A priest, the sepulchral voice equivalent – Not this year yet ! – And when did , when did ! – Says the spectrum . The priest is silent . Indicates the two kneeling skeletons disappear , candles go out , closing the door of the chapel , a long moan just hear them , and suddenly all quiet and not a trace of what you just did.

Lucjan Siemieński . ” And Legends Polish , Russian and Lithuanian (1845) “

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