Market Place

The market retained the shape given to it when the city at the beginning of the fifteenth century original wooden buildings of the town was destroyed in 1707 during the Great Northern War . The unique character of the picturesque market team mainly houses the oldest buildings of the eighteenth century ( the date of the joists ) : 1708 – 24 , 1731 – 17 , 1734 – No. 7) . The market is the focal point of the eighteenth century urban layout Rydzyny , the best preserved in Poland viewing links the city and residential areas . City Hall (architect Karl Martin Frantz , 1761 ) is located opposite the castle facade . The second axis viewing was conducted between the church poewangelickim (from the north) , and the church on the log ( not preserved ) .

Statue of the Holy Trinity . ( Andrew Schmidt , 1761 ) emphasizes the visual axes crossing place . Unique in Wielkopolska , belongs to a group of popular monuments in Central Europe Trinity . the so-called . plague column . The model for them was a statue of the Holy Trinity . from the late seventeenth century, the street of the Graben in Vienna. Rydzyński Monument commemorates the plague epidemic of 1709 , the massive base is the basis for the planet, for which there are figures of God the Father, Christ and Mary kneeling in front of them , advocating for residents of the city . The sculpture is crowned by an obelisk ( plague column ) of a dove – a symbol of the Holy Spirit .

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