Church in Kaczkowo

Church in Kaczkowo

Built in 1674, the family foundation LESS Stosch wooden church on the site of the beginning of the fifteenth century, which in the years 1563 to 1654 has remained in the hands of Protestants. Tower added in 1729 , the church destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars. Renovated in 1817 , the wooden structure was replaced by the so-called . half-timbered walls , filled with bricks . Interior orderlies , altar from around 1700, late baroque side altar dedicated to St . Trinity. The outer wall of the tombstone of 1642.

The parish was founded in Kaczkowie the XIII – XIV century Situated on the border of Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia belonged to the diocese of Breslau , for a long time was connected with the parish in Czerninie . Since 1925, the Archdiocese of Poznan . During World War II, the church was the only temple Kaczkowie available for Poles in Leszno district .

Major renovation of the church was carried out in the years 1947-1954 .

Branch church in the village Jabłonna preserved valuable tombstones from the seventeenth century.

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