Church in Jabłonna


In the Middle Ages Jabłonna, the village, belonged to the Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż. The church was built in the 17th century with the financial support of the former Jabłonna owners, the Lassel von Stosch family. Outside on the wall, from the north, there is a half-renaissance style tombstone of Fryderyk Nisemeschel (1601). From the south, there is another tombstone commemorating George Lassel von Stosch, the owner of Jabłonna who died in 1664. At the beginning of the 19th century on the foundation of this church, the construction of the present church started and was continued in the interwar period. The main altar was created after WW II by Józef Maciejewski. The main painting in the altar portraying St. Martin was created by Leon Bańkowiak from Rydzyna. The church in Jabłonna is a filial one of the parish church in Kaczkowo.

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